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About REDG


Amongst the key objectives of the Regional Engineers Distributors Group is to maintain and improve the members' competitive position in the marketplace, to profit from our combined strengths by using suppliers both nationally and internationally, to provide a forum for the development of new products by the member companies and to ensure the profitable growth of member companies.


The Regional Engineers Distributors Group is a forum for like-minded companies with new distributorship as a national network and access to new products for future development. Members can enjoy preferential buying terms which can lead to improved sales and profitability as well as greater market and commercial awareness and knowledge. They are stronger together with a recognised position in the marketplace.


Each member of the Regional Engineers Distributors Group has stockholding and distribution resources situated in the regional area. Their individual stock profiles reflect the needs of their regional customers, offering flexible and quick responses to their customers' immediate needs. The commitment and support received from principal suppliers acknowledge the level of service extended to REDG. 


Members of the Regional Engineers Distributors Group each have short lines of communication to senior management with policies that can respond swiftly to the ever-changing demands of their regional customers. Regional Engineers Distributors Group members maintain the best traditions of personal service backed up by total commitment and support from all group suppliers.

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