Crossling Ltd Plastic Valves
Plastic Fittings
Malleable Fittings
Press Fittings
Commercial Valves
Viking Johnson
Bathroom Products and Ancillaries

Flocon Valves and Fittings Ltd Commercial Valves
Malleable Fittings

H.A.C Pipeline Supplies


Kennedy & Morrison Ltd Press Fittings
Copper Fittings / Brassware
Commercial Valves
Gauges / Thermometers

Lamberts (Norwich) Ltd Steam Equipment
Weld Fittings
Weld Flanges
Quality Tube
Handrail Fittings
MDPE Fittings
Press Fittings
Commercial Valves

Merseyside Pipeline Supllies
Pipe Clips & Hanging Stystems

Watkins and Powis Ltd Copper Fittings / Brassware
Wrought Iron Fittings
Commercial Valves
Stainless Fittings

Scottish Tubes & Fittings
BS1387 Dual Certified Tube

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